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shutting down. the washington, d.c. based nonprofit cause of action says it's working with the owners to take legal action against the national park service. last week the interior department said the government would not reyou in the company's permit to operate at the point reyes national seashore which is set to expire in 90 days. >>> a revamped facebook messenger service could be competing with text messaging according to some analysts. the new android app was unveiled today in south africa, india, australia and venezuela. the service works like an instant message network except users can bypass expensive global text messaging fees, implemented by cell phone companies. the service is expected to roll out worldwide soon. >>> federal regulators ever approved disney's deal to buy lucas film. the $4.5 billion deal was announced in october. today anti-trust regulators issued the notice of claire are clearance. disney says with its new acquisition was star wars franchise it plans to make sequels to the six part series. >>> organizers of san francisco's outside lands music festival have s
is in the bay view village with the quick action they took to rescue the unresponsive child. >> well, good evening. the lieutenant here tells me the two officers tonight are decompressing at home after a very emotional rescue not ready to talk on camera. this morning they drove the dying newborn baby boy to the hospital in a patrol car. one officer driving behind the wheel. the other officer in the passenger seat giving the child cpr. >> with an unresponsive newborn t two fast acting officers decided not to wait for an ambulance. instead, they drove the baby right to the emergency room. a two minute ride that made all the difference. >> they saved a life this morning and there's a young child, a young baby boy with a whole life in front of him because of what they did. >> the baby was breathing after arriving at the hospital. his mother was also transported and is also expected to survive. this began around 2:00 this morning with a 911 call from the providence foundation home less shelter. the woman knocked on the door saying she had just given birth. the shelter supervisor tell necessary
action to prevent more tragedies like today's shooting. >>> as you saw the president was emotional when he spoke earlier today. it was about a four minute long statement and you can hear all of it just go to >>> signs of tragedy in connecticut can be seen here in the bay area. at the federal building in oakland the flag was lowered to half staff. the president has ordered all flags be lowered to half staff until tuesday. scenes like this one in san francisco played out across the country this evening. >>> other leaders reacting throughout the day about this shooting. both of california senators were quick to send out statements this first one from senator dianne feinstein. she said quote i am horrified and incensed by today's tragedy in connecticut. these massacres don't seem to stop, they continue on and on. and governor barbara boxer says, this touches us all so deeply. and it is long past time that we enacted sensible gun laws and school safety legislation. >>> whenever there's a tragedy like this the debate over gun control heats up. coming up in less than 10 minutes a loo
dispensary. he says seeing the gun violence in oakland prompted him to take action. >>> worker suffered serious injuries today when a steel beam fell on him. happened this morning. officials say the employee is believed to be 19-20 years old. he was rushed to the hospital. the company has not commented on the accident. >>> pg&e is raising its rates. it is part of the fall out from the san bruno gas pipeline explosion and the inspections. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live in san bruno with the increase many californians must now cover. tom? >> reporter: it all began here in this neighborhood. pg&e customers will pay $300 million over the next two years. >> that is not nearly enough. from the standpoint of many other parties it is too much. >> they didn't do the job they were supposed to. now they are being rewarded for not doing that. >> reporter: today the public utilities commission approved 39% of the money pg&e asked for to upgrade and replace major pipelines. >> we are happy the commission voted on the important safety work we have been doing. we are disappointed they failed
over and stepped into action delivering a healthy baby girl. >> mom started crying, dad started crying. it was great. wonderful gift. >> the father was following behind in his car and was able to be with the mom when the baby arrived. >>> several fire districts in contra costa county received life saving equipment. 70 defibrillators were delivered. >>> fire department policies could be changing following a crash this month that sent several firefighters to the hospital. three firefighters on december 1 were struck by a out of control car by highway 24. they want to review policies to prevent a similar accident in the future. the district has implemented some new procedures. >>> a local playground destroyed, who is repairing it? >> not one, not two, a half dozen classrooms vandalized. >> in 4 minutes a $4.3 million pay day. the check lender called out for ripping off customers. >>> bringing in a new team of experts in hopes of reducing violent crime. ktvu's mike mibach joins us now. >> reporter: 5 days away from the new year and a new plan of attack underway. that plan announced here ou
no action is taken, that way she can work on a compromise between both sides. >> we want to take you back now to that breaking scene in san jose. live pictures from news chopper 2 of san jose city college where the campus remains in lockdown tonight because of a report, a text message of an armed intruder. the students we have spoken with say they're being told to stay in their rooms, turn off the lights and stay away from the windows. campus police say they are searching floor by floor in every building. right now they're focusing on the tech and science building. the initial call came in from a person who didn't identify himself but the chancellor told us it came in via text message about an armed intruder on campus. we want to confirm or relay to you there's been no confirmation, no sightings of an actual gunman or any shots fire. police are taking no chances. campus police and san jose police going room by room, floor by floor in this tech and science building right now on san jose city college. this is the campus located on morepark avenue. robert handa is monitoring the situation an
of a break in the action. once again, into the afternoon hours, still heavy downpours, still reports of thunderstorms and even hail out there. as you can see, the cluster of heavy rain moving across the region, a loop heading out to the east. the latest right now on live storm tracker, you can pick out the coverage and the bulk of the heavy rain is out toward the stockton area. we take a closer inspection of the live sweep, still a few lingering showers through the santa cruz mountains. zooming in approaching the central portion of the bay, closer to hayward, around the san mateo bridge, a few light showers, also just up to the north, to the north of hayward, around castro valley, crow canyon road, shifting the maps up to the north, scattered rain showers in sonoma county, napa county as well. there is another storm offshore. this is a stronger one. in fact, the distance locator with this system, we do have, will break that down, so this cluster of clouds i'm watching. you can see it's over 400 miles out to our west, but this will be approaching the region. this will be a stronger st
on the judge's actions as well as concerns about people who enjoy the popular lookout. david? >> reporter: that's right of. the hit-and-run case is focusing attention on pedestrian safety. tourists today crowded the edges of twin peaks vista point, making walking along the roads. it was here that police say 23- year-old gina eunice struck four pedestrians last thursday night. knocking them down a hill side and fatalally injuring 56-year- old ewi yao. >> i would do anything to get her back. >> the impact that is having on the entire family is horrible. >> reporter: eunice made her first court appearance this afternoon. she faces charges, including felony vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run driving. >> greena and the entire -- greena and the -- gina and the entire family are destroyed by what happened. i would say their main concern is for the yao family. >> it's dangerous up here. >> reporter: cyclists and pedestrians say even sober drivers can put people at risk. >> especially up here because it gets foggy. it gets pretty rainy and there's some blind turns. >> there was horrible beh
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8